Being a part of the national and international scientific system, “The Romanian Journal of Modern History” rallies to the general efforts to eradicate plagiarism and intellectual property theft of any nature. The collaborators of the journal have to send for publication only papers for which they hold complete copyright. Whenever necessary, the author/authors must obtain the permission of usage for all materials which are under copyright laws before submitting the articles for consideration to “The Romanian Journal of Modern History”.
Once they accept the introduction of their papers within the peer review system, the authors automatically and implicitly accept the fact that they hold complete copyright on the submitted materials (including images, maps or similar documents) and they do not infringe any intellectual (or any other nature) property rights of a third party. The responsibility for the content of the articles belongs exclusively to their authors.
The editorial board of “The Romanian Journal of Modern History” and the Faculty of History within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi cannot be held responsible for any infringements of copyrights, intellectual theft of any kind or losses and damages of any nature on the basis of the published articles. The editorial board does not take responsibility for any type of plagiarism, the entire responsibility, both legal (civil, contravention, criminal as the case may be) and deontological belonging exclusively to the author/authors.